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Bent’s Cycling and Fitness’s Team Members participate in local, regional and national races, both in central Florida and around the nation.  We have been actively mentoring and encouraging the best young talent from Polk County since the early 1970’s, and with our support, these fine young people have won countless events and accolades.  From 1981 thru 1989, Steven Bent produced and ran the non-profit, “ALL-AMERICAN CITY BIKE RACE” in Lakeland, affording  400+ cyclists the opportunity to participate in a premier, local event.   In April of 2010, a group of 6 racers from Team Bents attended Sea Otter, the single most prestigious Mountain Bike Race on the USA National Calendar.  In 2009 and 2010, Team Bent’s/Ball Watch’s 35 years old masters team won the highly coveted, and intensely competitive, season long, Team Competition in the Florida Points Road Series.  Roland Bent was instrumental in establishing the very popular pedestrian paths around Lake Hollingsworth; for all to enjoy since the 1960’s.  Our longstanding (and continuing) community involvement increases awareness and exposure for Team Bents and Bent’s Cycling.  We have worked tirelessly for a generation in the greater Lakeland area, and have earned a reputation for excellence and community service in central Florida.  It is our humble opinion that this long time service provides Bent’s with the experience to be better prepared to serve our community, and you, our valued customers.

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