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Here at Bent’s we offer a full range of repairs and service, anything from a flat tire or a tune-up, to a full, ground-up, overhaul.  Bent’s Cycling and Fitness has a full selection of specialty tools to work on your high tech machine.  We have knowledgeable and highly competent staff that can help assess your bicycle’s concerns, and offer prudent and affordable solutions.  Most repairs will be done in 24 hours.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Stop by soon for a free multi-point inspection, where we can explain what repairs are recommended to keep your machine road worthy and safe.  Generations of cyclists have trusted Bent’s Cycling’s Service for 49 years.  Integrity you can count on, one bicycle at a time. 

  • The inspection - We'll provide free inspection side-by-side with you. You decide which repairs to perform.
  • Turnaround time - Our turnaround varies from while-you-wait for simple repairs to a week during the summer. You can avoid turnaround time in two ways:
  • Appointments - Set an appointment with us and bring your bike BEFORE 11 am on your appointment day.
  • The repair - Every repair is performed to Bent's Cycling standards Some of the highest in the nation. If repair costs exceed the estimate, we'll always call you for approval.